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Exclusive Features
  • Luxury lenses manufactured for Great American Eyewear by the highest quality lens manufacturer in the world, and the only independent American lens maker - Younger Optics
  • Crystal Clear NuPolar Polarized grey lenses
  • Strict Worldwide Limited Introductory Edition of only 80 pairs
  • Engraved in gold, each rare pair is sequential numbered with its own unique serial number
  • 100% UVA/UVB total protection
  • Innovative retro-style design, re-engineered and modernized for maximum comfort, fit, and facial enhancement - they are super lightweight and look absolutely great!
  • Handmade exclusively in Greece by fifth generation Master-Craftsmen
  • Luxury construction, made to last generations
  • Exclusively designed by famous Italian designer, Bruno Rossellini™
  • Right temple features an expensive Luxury designer jeweled setting of a pure white sapphire in an 18k gold bezel encapsulating an actual piece of worn clothing from JFK
  • Experience what buyers described as a "Presidential" effect
  • President JFK’s personal signature is engraved in gold inside each pair of sunglasses
  • Individually hand-numbered Certificate of Authenticity (COA) and Ownership. (Hand-numbering on COA exactly matches the individualized gold-engraved numbering on sunglasses.)
  • Manufactured with exclusive, long-lasting, high quality Italian acetate frames, produced by the famous Mazzucchelli Lens manufacturing plant in Italy
  • Each hand-cut pair individually hand polished (and machine tumbled) over 150 hours
  • JFK Model luxury sunglasses are “Unisex,” looking exquisite on  both men and women
  • Designed to look great on most people!
  • Designs and technology protected by several Great American Eyewear patents
  • Each pair of sunglasses come in a special custom-made collectible wooden designer box, lined with imported Italian Florentine-style paper, a large customized embroidered replica of the Presidential seal, an expensive retro-style sunglass case, a micro-fiber filament lens cleaning cloth, an individually signed and numbered "Certificate of Authenticity and Ownership," and a large gold-foil wrapped chunk of a handmade chocolate truffle. Designer box and truffle made in the United States of America

Size Information

Temple Length: 145mm
Lens Width: 55mm
Bridge Width: 19mm
Frame Height: 48.3mm
Frame Width: 142.1mm