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Great American Eyewear®

35 years of making Quality

Great American Eyewear is the newest division of a 35-year-old company – The Great American Doll Company. We come from a very long tradition of creating only the highest quality, upscale limited edition life-like collectible dolls – anywhere in the world. You may have seen some of our dolls in private collections, where they've been held in high esteem for decades as "collectible quality art" in the homes of the rich and famous, including those of several American presidents, many Hollywood celebrities, and a myriad of foreign heads of state and other dignitaries.

Even now, many of our famous dolls, produced twenty and thirty years ago can still be found being re-sold at a premium under our brand name or the acronym "GADCO." Their longevity as collectible art was made possible through our focus on only sourcing the best quality components from superior suppliers. This effort to keep quality at the core of our doll production is what has allowed our dolls to pass the test of time, to endure the years with very little, if any, effects of age that beset our competitors.

It was this mindset for quality, these special attributes of using only the best components, that made The Great American Doll Company famous, great. The company achieved the highest reputation in the industry for creating and manufacturing the best-selling high-end dolls in history. That’s a well-established fact!

Creation of a New JFK Style

With building GADCO in our background, we sought to create our newest division, Great American Eyewear, starting with the specific goal of producing something better than anything purporting to be "JFK style" sunglasses and frames presently on the market.

Today, we are pleased to say that in that endeavor, we have indeed succeeded; Up until now, Great American Eyewear designs are by far superior in quality and design to any other models from any other company. We can say this because we have invented a modernized design – frames reduced in weight and bulkiness; the "pointy" ends of the other models eliminated, and we generally gave birth to a new concept in new, modernized, classic JFK eyewear.

We did this while still retaining the retro feeling of the original American Optical "Saratoga" design of sunglasses, which were really Kennedy's favorites.

In addition to innovative designs and enhanced engineering, we stuck with tradition in using only the finest grade "Mazzucchelli" Italian acetate for the frames, the best stainless steel German and Swiss hardware for the hinges, and added something quite unique: an actual piece, a rare and precious fragment, of one of JFK's imported Italian-made "Brioni Roma" Oxford shirts that he so much loved to wear.

Great American Eyewear’s co-founder, Michael Lam,  purchased the rare shirt at the famous Hantman’s "Kennedy Artifacts Auction" in 2003 – forty years after his passing. It was part of a treasure trove of JFK and Jacqueline Kennedy souvenirs and memorabilia, "hand-me" downs," that were collected and held for decades by one of the Kennedy family's trusted employees – the personal assistant to Senator Kennedy, and later Jacqueline Kennedy's personal  secretary, Mary Barelli Gallagher. The Oxford dress shirt itself was notably well worn, in fact, it was yellowed in places from normal sweat and age, had been surely discarded by Kennedy. We can be sure that like Kennedy himself, his dress shirt, a witness to much history, had seen better days.

To attach JFK's shirt fragment to Great American Eyewear’s JFK sunglasses, we had to invent a special device. This device, which is patented, had to be capable of permanently holding the fragment and at the same time, still make it visible so that everyone could see it was there. This protective covering would also have to ensure total safety for the fragment, encapsulating it so as to prevent exposure to the elements, such as dust and moisture. It had to be totally sealed off from potential damage or deterioration that would happen over time.

So we gathered together a small local team of deep thinkers, engineers and designers who worked shoulder-to-shoulder for months to solve this problem.

Here's what they came up with: A small hand-cut round white sapphire cabochon, secured in an 18K solid gold bezel. The term "white" here describes the sapphire's color, which was crystal clear, making it totally transparent – it is so clear that one can see all the way through it.

Thus, what the team finally created was a fine jewelry setting, an "18K gold and sapphire" jewelry piece that would now serve as a permanent repository for JFK's personal shirt fragment. The shirt fragment was then appended to the setting by an expert jeweler, the whole assembly to be then permanently attached to the outside right temple of Great American Eyewear’s new patented sunglasses.


Rare Limited Edition Production

One of the keystones of our successes as a doll company, in addition to creating luxurious, high quality dolls, was to frequently produce very small hand-made editions of selected models. This had the desired effect of limiting the number of a particular model released in the marketplace, making it rare as well as helping to retain and enhance its future resale value as a collectible and as unequaled art for our customers. Secondly, each doll in every edition would be assigned its own individual sequential numbering -- a serial number identifying it as such, just like limited edition art is numbered. In addition to acting as an added barrier to counterfeiters, and as a value enhancer, serial numbering makes each doll a unique production, a "one-of-a-kind" – no other dolls in the edition would ever have the same exact number.

Another important part of making art is issuing a "Certificate of Authenticity and Ownership;" this certifies the provenance, the name of the doll, and has a place for the new collector's name to be added, the date, its unique serial number, hand-stamped company seal, with each certificate actually hand-signed by an officer of the company – all of which are included with each doll produced.

We have followed our same tradition from our doll-making experiences, transferred all of these same value enhancing steps, in creating our new line of high-end eyewear by limiting Great American's first eyewear production of Black JFK sunglasses to only 80 pieces worldwide.

Our new JFK sunglasses have all the attributes of our high-end collectible dolls: they are a unique artist-created (Bruno Rossellini) design, entail high-quality construction, have planned rarity due to limited edition/production, are each individually serial-numbered, and come with the  complete documentation in the form of an official Certificate of Authenticity and Ownership. And like all of our dolls, each pair comes with a complete "guarantee of satisfaction," no-nonsense assurance from us that you must be 100% happy with your acquisition. 

An Heirloom in the Making

It is no accident or coincidence that The Great American Doll Company has recently begun producing and selling Great American Eyewear. The customer-oriented philosophy that propelled us to success in the past has followed us into the present. It was during those many years of making high-end collectibles that we learned the many secrets of how to create great products and how to add on layer after layer of upgrades to our dolls as our way of maximizing the value for the customer – at the same time, enhancing what is referred to by many happy doll customers as, "The GADCO Experience" (referring to the surprise and excitement customers experienced when receiving and then opening a new GADCO doll box for the first time.)

We learned early on that in business, it is never the amount of profit a company makes, but the level of customer satisfaction that determines your success. This was a bedrock principle we followed diligently, to ALWAYS ensure that our customers come first.

This created a special trust and loyalty within our base with customers who supported our efforts – even during decades of vicious attacks from our much larger (non-quality-minded and envious) toy and doll competitor companies, who were forever fearful of The Great American Doll Company – companies afraid of our potential to disrupt their businesses on many levels . . . if we would have been allowed to bring our philosophy of "customer first" into their industries.

This is what we are offering – an opportunity to participate in the acquisition of a very limited edition release of one of 80 pairs worldwide.

 Summary of Exclusive Features

  • American-Made Polarized Lenses: Handmade Nu-Polar brand polarized lenses manufactured by the largest American (independently owned) laboratory, Younger Optics
  • Hand-Tinted Color: Grey, embellished by a special hand-dipping process– for a slightly darker tint, just like JFK loved
  • Highest Grade Italian Acetate: Frames are constructed entirely of the finest quality "Mazzucchelli" Italian acetate, assuring you of extended wear and long-lasting performance as good or exceeding what you will find in the most expensive sunglasses anywhere
  • Meticulously Hand-Finished: Hand and machine polished to a fine degree, assuring you of one of the most luxurious glossy finishes available
  • Master Crafted in Greece: Designed in Italy and made in Greece by fifth generation master-craftsmen
  • Patented Jeweled Setting:  A water-clear "white" sapphire, set in a solid 18K gold bezel holder identifies your sunglasses as being a pair of genuine Great American sunglasses
  • Rare Personal Memorabilia: Within the jeweled sapphire and 18K gold setting sits an authenticated unique fragment of a genuine "JFK-owned & worn" white Oxford dress shirt custom-made in Italy by his personal tailor, "Brioni Roma"
  • The Personal Touch: There is that added personal quality described by wearers as, "That powerfully unique Presidential feeling," a very real sense of being in direct touch with John F. Kennedy himself
  • UNISEX: Great American JFK sunglasses have been designed to look exquisite on both women and men
  • A $795 Value, only $395: According to major retail optical shops,  Great American's exclusive JFK sunglasses are comparable in value to other luxury brands selling in their stores for $795 and up – making this a truly great value at just $395
  • A Rare Collectible: Following a 35-year old tradition of producing high-end collectibles, Great American Eyewear has created this limited edition high quality production of JFK sunglasses to be extremely well-made, limited, serial-numbered, and authenticated with full documentation. These built-in attributes assure you that what you are buying is indeed a rare and valuable collectible, one with the potential to appreciate in value and importance over time. 
  • Limited First Edition: Only 80 pairs of the first edition JFK Jet Black model available
  • Serial Numbered: Unique individualized sequential serial number engraved in gold on inside left temple. (Example: #10/80, etc.) 
  • Certificate of Authenticity:  Each pair comes with its own individually hand-signed and hand-numbered "Certificate of Authenticity," suitable for display, verifying the provenance  of JFK's personally owned and worn Brioni Roma Oxford shirt incorporated into the sunglass frame
  • UVA/UVB 400: Providing the highest UV protection available
  • Innovative Retro Design: An upscale artist fashion creation, incorporating the best vintage look with modernized styling
  • Comfortable: Engineered to provide the smoothest lightweight fit for maximum comfort, creating that great "it's so comfortable" feeling and a stunning look
  • The Collector Box: We've taken great efforts to create a special custom-made designer box that you will like, one that will both display and protect your sunglasses. Made of wood, the top bears a classic photo of JFK on his boat, the inside is hand-lined with imported Italian Florentine-style "Rossi" decorative paper, with other upgrades such as: a large custom-made embroidered replica of the Presidential seal, an expensive vintage-design sunglasses hard case, an attractive "paisley" design micro-fine filament lens cleaning cloth, the "Certificate of Authenticity," and a handmade Chocolate Truffle, made by the famous "John Kelly" company of California
  • Limited Availability: Due to Great American Eyewear’s JFK launch, we are making these in a very low edition size of only 80 pairs worldwide. This model is not yet available in stores. However, if you are a dealer and wish to carry our line, please contact us directly for more information. Thank you.          

Size Information

Temple Length: 145mm
Lens Width: 55mm
Bridge Width: 19mm
Frame Height: 48.3mm
Frame Width: 142.1mm



Size Information

Temple Length: 145mm
Lens Width: 55mm
Bridge Width: 19mm
Frame Height: 48.3mm
Frame Width: 142.1mm